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State Law Preempts Many Local Rental Rules

Effective July 1, 2023, a sweeping change occurred: the regulation of residential tenancies, the landlord-tenant relationship, and all other matters encompassed by the Act became subject to state-level oversight.

Study Reinforces Need to Help ‘Hometown Heroes’

A recent comparison of teacher salaries to home values within a 20-minute commute of their workplaces reveals varying levels of affordability in Florida cities.

Renters Insurance: Still Affordable And So Worth It!

This article explains that headlines across the nation seem to be all over the place – Good Market to Buy/Sell, Bad Market to Buy/Sell, Prices are falling, Prices are rising, Lowest … Highest… Ever!

Downside Sticky Rents! Record-Breaking Trends in Rental Prices Nearing Previous Highs

The latest housing report by Redfin shows asking rents inch closer to record highs in the US in July. Rents reached $2,038 in July, a mere $16 shy of the record high established in August 2022.

Renters Need Flood Insurance Too

In the realm of insurance, clarity is key. While homeowners are well aware that flood insurance stands apart from other coverage, a common misunderstanding persists among tenants.

Smart Tech: What to Upgrade and When

If you’re as excited about smart home technology as I am, you’re in for an incredible ride. As a real estate professional deeply immersed in the tech world, I’ve witnessed the transformation of smart homes from an abstract concept to an everyday reality.