Property Management Tips

Published on August 21,2023 by Chris Thompson

Welcome to this week’s Property Management Tip where we highlight some great tips to making your rental property more profitable. Let’s dive right in. Here are they are:

1. The Power of Competitive Pricing

  • Setting the right rent price is a game-changer. Setting it too high can keep your property off the market too long and kill profits. Setting it to low and you’ll lose money just as easily! Get it right from the start: Research your area, consider demand, size, and amenities to get it just right. 


2. Elevate Property Condition & Maintenance

  • A well-kept property attracts quality tenants. Protect your property with regular maintenance and quick repairs. Clean, tidy spaces make for happy tenants and a profitable property. With property management systems and well respected vendors – tracking maintenance tasks is a breeze.


3. Tenant Quality = Profitability

  • High-quality tenants mean less stress and more profits. While running thorough background checks is crucial Keeping happy tenants is also a must! Create a positive tenant experience by offering competitive rates, quality housing, and prompt maintenance service. It’s a win-win!


4. Streamlining with Technology

  • Tech can be your best friend in property management. Real estate property management software can automate tasks, enhancing efficiency and profitability. It can also make it easy to provide statements to owners and to Uncle Sam when the time comes.  


5. Enhance Profits Through Amenities

  • Invest in tenant-pleasing amenities and upgrades, but weigh costs carefully. Understanding and highlighting “extras” in the house, neighborhood and even the city can bring in $100’s of dollars more each month!


For more insights and assistance, consider teaming up with property management experts like us here at Team Thompson @ Keller Williams Realty Suburban Tampa. We have the experience and tools to maximize your property’s profitability and make your rental journey smoother and less stressful!

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