Renters Need Flood Insurance Too

Published on August 29,2023 by Chris Thompson

In the realm of insurance, clarity is key. While homeowners are well aware that flood insurance stands apart from other coverage, a common misunderstanding persists among tenants. Many mistakenly assume that flooding protection is included in their renters’ insurance or covered by their landlord.

Setting the record straight, let’s delve into the facts. Renters insurance primarily safeguards personal belongings within your dwelling, while the landlord’s policy focuses on structural damage. Yet, when it comes to the gradual advance of water—flooding—most renters policies do not encompass this peril. And contrary to some renters’ assumptions, flood damage remains outside the scope of their landlord’s policy.

Should a unit encounter flood-related damage, a distinct policy is necessary. This policy can be obtained from a private insurer or the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The good news is that securing such coverage doesn’t break the bank. In fact, renters often find these policies remarkably affordable, with costs as low as $100 per year.

Stay informed, break the misconceptions, and ensure your protection against flooding is as solid as your dwelling itself.

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