Smart Tech: What to Upgrade and When

Published on August 29,2023 by Chris Thompson

If you’re as excited about smart home technology as I am, you’re in for an incredible ride. As a real estate professional deeply immersed in the tech world, I’ve witnessed the transformation of smart homes from an abstract concept to an everyday reality. The question now is: When is the right time to give your smart home a tech boost?

Fear not, because navigating the tech upgrade maze is simpler than you think. It’s about understanding your needs, keeping an eye on tech trends, and making informed choices.

When’s the Right Time to Upgrade?

Let’s get this straight: you don’t need to rush out and replace every device as soon as a new model drops.

Smart thermostats, lights, and security systems often remain reliable for years.

But staying ahead of the curve matters to keep up with emerging trends. Plus, upgrading can be genuinely fun!

An important cue for an upgrade is when your device stops receiving software updates. Manufacturers send out these updates, and they’ll let you know when your device is no longer supported. That’s your cue to consider an upgrade. Without updates, your device could become vulnerable to security risks and might not play nice with other gadgets at home.

Another sign it’s upgrade time is when your device starts acting up. If your smart lock won’t lock via your phone app or your security camera’s quality drops, an upgrade can boost their performance and your overall smart ecosystem.

Performance is key too. If your smart speaker’s sluggish or misunderstands you, a newer model might be a game-changer.



What Should You Upgrade?

Different devices have different lifespans and upgrade needs. Here’s what to focus on:


Smart Hubs and Controllers: These are your smart home’s brains. If your hub isn’t jiving with new devices, it’s time for an upgrade. The latest hubs integrate seamlessly, perform better, and keep your home safer.

Security Systems: Don’t lag behind in home security tech. Newer smart locks, doorbell cameras, and security systems offer better encryption, sharper cameras, and more reliable alerts.

Smart Appliances: As tech evolves, so do smart appliances. While your smart fridge might keep chugging along, keep tabs on new models. Newer versions promise advanced features like energy efficiency, personalized food management, and AI-driven cooking help.

Smart Thermostats and Lighting: These devices have long lifespans, but upgrading can lead to energy savings and better integration with other devices. Keep an eye out for new features in newer models.


Budgeting for Upgrades

You don’t need deep pockets for every upgrade. Often, new models match the price of their predecessors. To budget, set aside some funds each year for smart home improvements. Factor in device age, new model costs, and the value they add to your home and life.

And don’t forget to responsibly recycle or dispose of old devices. Some manufacturers even offer trade-in programs, giving discounts on new models when you trade in the old.



Staying Ahead in Tech Stay in the know with these tips:

Follow Tech News: Stay updated on releases, updates, and reviews through sites like CNET, TechCrunch, and Wired.

Join Online Communities: YouTube, Reddit, and forums are goldmines for insights and real-world reviews.

Use Manufacturer Support: Don’t hesitate to ask the manufacturer’s customer support about device lifespan and benefits of upgrading.

Consult a Tech-Savvy Pro: Get advice from real estate pros who know the smart home scene.


Upgrade, Enhance, Enjoy Upgrading your smart home doesn’t have to be daunting. With a bit of research and savvy decisions, your home will stay updated, functional, and secure. Remember, it’s not just about the latest gadgets – it’s about elevating your lifestyle and your home’s value.

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